Tuesday, December 26, 2006

This is where we had out Christmas Dinner. Prime rib, Turkey, Ham, and Leg of Lamb, with all the trimmings. Also included a sushi bar, and a nice Chinese buffet with a lot of goodies on it. Of course there was pumpkin pie and other desserts.

Inside "Best Optical" where we bought our glasses today. A full exam, including the normal tests for Gloucoma and cataracts, new frames (from a huge selection) and the lenses. Pat got two pair, one tinted, one clear. Extra large bi-focals, and poly carb lenses. Total $195 for both pair. It would have been $30 less without the polycarb. I had an exam, frames and new "mid-range" lenses for the computer, total cost: $30! The service was professional, the glasses work perfect, and it was all done in less than 2 hours....

There are dozens of this type of shop here in Algodones. All that white stuff on top is "green ware" that they make the little statues out of. It's already cast and ready to be painted and fired.

Typical archicteure here in Mexico, and color too. There sure are a lot of bright houses and commercial building down here.

Some of the dental offices look pretty nice from the outside anyway. There is also a doctor's office in this little courtyard.

Another courtyard. There are optical shops and dental offices in here. As there are everywhere!

This is the fire that cooked the meat for our tacos today.

This lady makes the dough, rolls it into a ball, then squashed it between two pieces of wood that look a lot like ping-pong paddles. Then plops it onto the grill. Yum Yum. We had some taco's made from them.

One Chicken, one Beef Taco. The meat is cooked over a wood fire out on the side walk. It's quite good...............

A local street vendor's special chicken. He marinates it in something, and it's just excellent!

One of the Bakeries in Algodones. You can buy any of these suculent treats and a cup of coffee for a buck! (or so I've been told)

The RV park we checked into even has a nice swimming hole!

I just love Bougainvillas, and they grow profusely all over down here.

This little entertainer didn't want me to take her picture. Even after I gave her money! She could play the accordian pretty good for a youngster.

Chretin's isn't real elegant on the outside. The front door isn't in operation any more, so you go in the back, walk throught the scullery where they wash the pots and pans, then through the bar, and finally into the eating area. It's worth finding it. We plan on coming back after New Years and hitting this Wednesday buffet!

Christmas tamales, the day after. Chretin's is a very old and very famous landmark in Yuma. This food looks plain, but it was unbelievably good! Maybe the best tamales I've ever had, and the sauce on them was to die for!

Monday, December 25, 2006

December 25, 2006. 8 AM. Does this look like Christmas morning? Taken from out the door of our trailer.

This is the trailer they used last night (Chrismas Eve) for the "Hay Ride". Acutally, no hay, but it was loaded to the max with people in chairs. Pulled by a large Quad, it made it's way through several RV Parks on this street, singing carols, and laughing a lot. Afterwards the whole park was invited for hot chocolate in the recreation room.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

A pasture full of "just clipped" sheep. this is only a few, the field goes on and on. We're on S. 4th Ave here, not too far from where we're staying. There is a Basque Restaurant here in town, and several herds of sheep, so I'm thinking there may be a connection.

We went to a different Swap meet today, Christmas Eve. It's not quite a large as the Arizona Market, but the prices are better. It's mostly all ran and attended by Mexicans, many just in for the day. The food booths were great, but we'd already had lunch in an East Indian restaurant before getting there. Pat did buy this quart of Horchata (rice milk, with lots of seasoning) she got hooked on it last winter down in La Penita. We took Julie in with us, but I ended up carrying her, she wanted to attack any and all other dogs in there. From here we went to the other large Swap meet to look for new throw rugs for the trailer, but most of the booths were closed.

One of the "over 1000" booths at the Arizona Market Place. This was taken on Christmas Eve. A lot of the vendors closed early. Pat, Ronda, and Karen all bought things here when we were in Yuma for Christmas 3 years ago. How time flies!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

After all the work I came for was finished, I decided to get a "Whitening" proceedure done. I don't think I'd do it again. Took over 3 hours, and the strong chemicals was starting to hurt my gums. They are still a little sore after 3 days now, but at least I have some white teeth again. Pat had the same thing done, but it only took 2 hours, and it never bothered her. This is a heating element they put on between treatments on the teeth

I think this is one of "Slots" hide outs! This is a local hot spot in Yuma. Our own Paul Manske seems to get around (he claims this isn't his place:-)

Sunset on the 22nd of December. Just a tiny moon up there. Christmas lights in the RV park. A warm winter night.

Capri RV Park in Yuma. It's an older park, small sites, and a lot of older park models and old trailers converted to "never move again" Very friendly folks, and the usual activities that most of the parks have down here. Maybe someday the wheels will come off our trailer and it will find a home somewhere in the sunshine for the rest of it's life.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Gorila Snott! This stuff looks like it would hold your hair in place in a 60 knot wind! (remember, if you'd like more detail in any picture click on it once or twice)

Another busy corner. There are so many streets and allys full of booths here, it's easy to get lost. After several days of looking around, it becomes a lot easier to find things. Posted by Picasa

I took a picture of these guys before. The little man on the drums just keeps going on and on. He keeps a pretty good beat, has a snare and a bass. They play constantly for hours on end. Posted by Picasa

This is one of the 350 Dental offices here in Algodones.  Posted by Picasa

There are lots of Indian verdors at the line going to the border. Some are pretty pitiful, I don't like to take pictues of them. It would be nice to buy something or just give money to them all, but there are just too many. We were in line 1 hour 45 minutes today, the 5th day we've been to the Dentist. Maybe only one more appointment! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, December 14, 2006

December 14, 2006. Entering Mexico at approximately 9 AM. There's no border check going in, but coming out is another story!

I celebrated my Birthday by walking around looking at all the street goodies. I could have had my own little party here, all I needed was a big stick! Wonder is these pinatas were already packed with treats................

Monday, December 11, 2006

There are more than 350 dentists in Los Algodones. They are EVERYWHERE! and in between are optical stores, and dozens of pharmacies. And, plenty of food and good tourist traps! I sort of liked the pink Flamingo dentist, but we had already closen another one.

Scorpion has some friends down where across the border!

I hope the dental work is better than their spelling! We make beautifull smile.............

This is the line to get back to the United States. It took us an hour and a half. I guess it's been like this every day for a couple of weeks, and is getting worse. Because of the passport requirement that starts January 1st, there are huge crowds going into Mexico for Dental work, eye glasses, and pharmacy needs. We didn't pick a good time to have to get over there almost every day this week to have the dental work finished.

A two man band. The youngster did a good job of "keeping the beat". They were entertaining the long line of people waiting to cross the border back into the US.

Our dentist and the office manager. Edna, the Dentist went to school at a Dental College in Las Angeles. She looks young, but has been practicing for years, and comes highly recommended. There are several other dentists in her clinic, each having their own speciality.

A candy store next to a Dentist. I think these two are working together!

Since the plastic flamingo factory closed in Florida, it looks like Mexico will have to take up the slack.

Good Barbershop. Prices run from $2.50 to $5 depending on where you go. this was one of the "high dollar" places, a husband and wife team that do excellent work. All the beauty shops cut men's hair, but I don't trust most of the young pretty barbers after my experience last spring.

An inside/outside area of food and Mexican tourist goodies. A pleasant place in Algodones.

The outside of our Dentist's office. It's inside a Mall owned by Mary's Pharmacy. There are several exam and patient rooms inside. All very clean, professional, with all the latest equipment. We're totally happy so far.

Romain lettuce hearts being harvested. Another good crop.

Cactus at our friends, the Hempsteads, house in the foothills. This fruit came from large 5 inch flowers that matured and went to seed.

Hey Jack and Barb! Here's your street!