Monday, January 29, 2007

The end of an era. We're seen a lot of this on the old familiar roadways. This was always a good place to stop for a cold drink on Highway 93 between Wickenburg and Kingman, AZ. All the "fun stuff" here has been removed, all the funny items, birds and animals the kept. The towing service and little mechanical shop is also closed. There is Nothing left in "Nothing", Arizona.......................

A Country Coach. 2004 model, over 300 days spent in repair shops since it was purchased new. The owner isn't happy, the factory hasn't been a big help. They are full timers, but after spending a lot of money, they wish they had chosen a different brand of motorhome!

This house is near Hidden Vally Lake near Middletown, CA. My brother in law is building it. Inside is finished, he says the outside and landscaping will be done in a couple of months. Around 4000 sq. feet., there are lots of wild turkeys, deer, coyotes, and other game around here. The back the house goes up a hill, into the wilderness area.

One of the many Redwood Burl Tourist traps in Northern California. I couldn't find a parking place close enough to the one wanted to take a picture of, will save it for another time.

The Oregon Coast. January 28, 2007. On the way home!

This is the last picture of this blog! The next one will start when I leave for Arizona Bike fun in Tucson the last week of March 07. Thanks for checking in. The next one will be mostly all VROC!

Monday, January 22, 2007

A store near the Museum in Wickenburg. The whole little town is sort of a museum, but there are modern stores too. Everything is sort of expensive, but it's a fun place. We were thinking about trying a couple months here sometime, but overall, I like the Yuma area better.

You weren't suppose to take pictures inside the Museum, so I snapped this one from the Men's room.

Inside one of the rooms at the Caballeros Museum in Wickenburg. This is a World Class place! VERY interesting exibits, and for fine western art work. Several different subjects..Native American, Cowboy, Artists, and misc. things to see.

A 650 Bergman with a Voyager kit. Looks pretty nice. Guy, at SCP is a dealer for these kits, he can put one on just about any bike out there.

Service flags at The Wall display. They have a web page, I haven't looked at it yet. I hope that's right. I don't know where it goes from here, but it's moving tomorrow.

The mobile store for the Wall display. They sell lots of interesting items in there.

The Wall. It starts low, and goes up to full height. Very impressive. Has all the names that the one on Washington DC has on it.

Not a good picture, but that's a Roadrunner running across the road, in Wickenburg.

The Jewel. She's getting some afternoon sun inside the trailer.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

This is the Sunday afternoon entertainment at the Chaparral Ice Cream Parlor. They are pretty good! Wickenburg's finest!

Inside the Chararral Ice Cream Parlor. We're listen to live music, and old group, playing old songs. Just right for us.

For 27 years, this was the only Jail in town. They chained the inmates to it, since they didn't have a jail in town.

We're in the hills above Wickenburg. A dry camp, not far for the local rodeo grounds. Nice view of the town. We're on a hill here above the trailer.

We went for a fairly long walk through the dessert to check out this old Saguaro with the top broken off.

The sun is going down over our little home. We're sure in a nice place for a couple of days.

This is the Vulture's Roost. The entrance to the tour of the Vulture Mine. Over 200,000,000 in gold was taken out of this in the early 1900's. There's a lot left, we're told!

Painted rocks at the Vulture Mine.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

We left Quartzsite at 2 PM. Just got tired of the traffic and crowds. We were able to get around well on the Helix, the truck would have been inpossible to park within a mile or two of this tent. There were several things I was interested in, but just too many people. What a difference a hundred miles can make! Will post pics of this nice little city tomorrow.

This is about half-way down the "big tent" There are 6 rows of booths inside, and MANY rows on each side of the tent outside. Probably 20% RV related, the rest is just about everything you can imagine. Lots of the specials you see on TV ads are here too. Some pretty good "show specials" on stuff.

A sucker is born! They sell directories for $20 here! For $4.97 you can buy a Rand McNally atlas that has all the store listed with addresses and services.

Is this cool, or what! I bet they have a hard time getting under the low bridges! Don't know where this thing came from, but it's drivable.

This is some raw Lapis. There are booth after booth of rocks here. Dealers and Jewelery makers buy them I guess. Next month is the big Gem Show here.

Friday, January 19, 2007

We walked from 10 'till 2, and didn't come close to seeing all the vendor booths. And, the main RV show doesn't even open the big tents until tomorrow. It's hard to imagine all the things that are for sale here! It was chilly and wet, the first rain since the 1st of November, but it will be all over this evening, with the weather warming up. Quartzsite has been quite an experience!

Some of the Thunder eggs. They had some so large you could crawl inside them! These were $3000, we saw them up to $8500! Different colors and shapes.

Kites, wind socks, and spinners of all colors and shapes. Just one of the many booths.

This guy is good! He plays several instruments he made himself. A REAL Kokopelli!

This tiny little top is a "one size fits all". It's amazing how they work. Some very nice colors, patterns and neck lines too. Most vendors sell them for around $12 each, some offer deals.

This lady is wearing a "one size fits all" popcorn top. As you can see, the stretch fairly well!

OK, Ladies, no whining!

More "popcorn", or "bubble" or "magic" tops. Different shapes, neck lines and patterns. One size fits all! They are tiny on the table.

Can anyone tell me what you know about this sign? I'm sure some of you can!

There is every kind of food you can imagine here. "Fair Food", "Race Food", and every kind of festival food. Plus some good local stuff.

A few more vendors. We didn't even scratch the surface of the many that were there!

Entering the Beaudry RV tent in the rain. The food will be better than the weather.

Inside the Beaudry Buffet. They put out free food from 11 til 3 every day. Beans, potato salad, chicken breasts on a bun, large cookies and drinks. Pretty good, and they have live music, a different group every day.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

This full sized Volvo handled the hauling job fine. He carries a 3 cyclinder diesel Mercedes behind the cab and hauls a large 5th wheel trailer. Gets over 10 MPG. Has an Alberta plate, probably a friend of Skids. They were in the Dry Camp with us last night.

Bill Baxter & Barb's set up in the BLM campground in Quartzsite. We're getting ready to play desert golf. I just took Bill's quad for a ride! Fun! I can see one of these in my future........

There are 6 Desert Golf courses in the Quartzsite area. 18 holes each. This one had par 3 holes, and 2 par 4. From 130 to 182 yards. You only use one stick, a 5 iron. It was fun. Bill did the best, then Pat, Barb and I tied for last.

This is our "Dry Camp" in Quartzsite, AZ. It looks sort of deserted, but there are several thousand RV's in a few square miles. Someone told us there are 250,000 people in this little town, I can believe it! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

"Coco". Our very efficient office manager for our Dentist, Dr. Edna Chavira. She helped make a trip to the Dentist a little more painless than normal.

We went in here to wait for the "line" to go down. We went out and got our place at 5 PM. It was 7:30 before we got back across. They have 2 men on the US Customs side, and they are very slow. This was our 11th crossing for this trip. And will be our last!

The street is about to close. All these booths pack up every day and restock every morning.